The American Revolutionary War

The Battle of Lexington and the Battle of Concord were the start of the American Revolutionary War. If you think about it, it all started with Paul Revere. He warned the good people of Lexington and of Concord that(say it with me) “The British are coming!”. The Battle of Lexington was hardly a battle. It was just a collaboration of the British and the men of Lexington. Someone fired first even though no one expected to fight and the British charged forward. A few Lexington men were killed, but the rest fled in terror. Since there was no one else to fight, the British moved on to Concord. Few fighters were there as they went away to the North Bridge to watch. While the British were occupied searching for the American’s weapons, on the other side of the North Bridge the American’s waited as more and more men gathered with them to watch. All in all, about 15,000 men gathered together and when they thought they had enough, they went after the British and won. They had new found confidence, and the British retreated. The British set up camp and were planning to take Breeds and Bunker hill the next morning. When the American’s heard this they waited till night fall and took Breeds and Bunker hill. When the British awoke the next morning they found that they were already occupied. That was the start of the Battle of Bunker Hill. The British won he mountains but the American’s found that they could hold off the most trained troops in the world. The American’s sent the Olive Branch Petition, that stated the intolerable acts were to be removed, to the king and he said “NO”. He took it as a sigh of rebelion and the war was officially ‘ON’. In 1776 a pamphlet called ‘Common Sense’ was released and it was an influence that fanned the flames of the peoples fury. In 1776 the Declaration Of Independence was signed. A man called Benedict Arnold lead the colonists into battle and won many little battles. They were off to a great start but the British captured New York and Boston and those were the most powerful colonies at the time. It looked like the British would win, but then something amazing happened! The commander of the Army ,Gorge Washington, lead the colonists across the lake at night and surprised the British and Won. At the battles of Trenton and Princeton they gained much success. At the Battle of Saratoga the tip of the war truly turned. 5,700 British soldiers were forced to surrender. But British saw success in the south and turned to that direction. Before they left they got caught in a Snow Storm. During the Battle of Camden, the American’s under estimated the British and lost. The recent commander was thrown out and a new commander came in. This new commander gave courage and inspiration to his troops and they beat the British so bad, they had to go for reinforcements. While waiting for them, the American’s they planned for an ambush. The reinforcement ship came into view and the American’s sailed to the ship and battled and won. The commander of the British Army surrendered and the American’s Won!

Yay for Freedom!


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