My House?

This week(even though I already started) I will be posting W.E.I.R.D. things. Whats W.E.I.R.D?


Every day


Really don’t know why

Doing this because I have too

Now for some weird(ha! See what I did there?) reason, I have to write about these completely random things like vacations, hobbies, best friends and my fav subjects. Its like some one wants to find out everything about me through English class. Why is it even called English? Its not teaching me English, its teaching me grammar! And if its teaching me grammar why not call it ‘Grammar class’?! And guess what I’m writing about today? Yep, my house! Honestly do you really want to hear about my house, when I can build an exact replica on minecraft and invite you to see it? Or I could give you my address and you could come and visit! Well I guess I really have no other option then to do what I’m protesting. Or I could show you pics! Unfortunately, I don’t know how to download them…..Well, back to the subject, my house. I have a one story house with an attic. Surrounding it are a few other houses and a forest. You can’t go outside without hearing a bird chirp. It’s pretty great being out in the peace and quiet.

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