Best Friends

Today I want to talk about best friends. Its a weird subject, but its something important we all need to have. I will also be defining a friend from a best friend.


A friend is someone who you can share stories and adventures with. You can tell them almost anything. You can call them when your feeling down and you can cry on their shoulder. They will most likely be there if you call them and they can make you laugh and smile. My friend is not always there but they make up for it. And they make me laugh. I’m proud to call them my friend.

                                                                 Best Friend

Now a best friend is someone who’s lived all those stories and adventures with you. They have told you every secret and vice versa. When you call for help They’ll forget the car and run all the way to you. They see the first tear, catch the second and stop the third. Their always there when you need them and when their not, they would do anything just to make up for it. They make you laugh so hard and smile so wide people wonder if you need a hospital. You can be completely stupid and not care because you best friend will be their acting the same way. When it hurts to look back and your afraid to look ahead you can look beside you and your best friend will be there. Me and my best friend, we had a great time together. And even though I’m 4 states away, I still very proud to call her my best friend.

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