My Trip To Hawaii

The farthest I’ve ever been from home was when I went on a trip to Hawaii. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I went. You see, My parents friends business goes on a tropical vacation for one week every year. That year she decided to take us with her to Maui,Hawaii. It was so cool! What made it even more awesome was that I went in the middle of January! I got to go, in the middle of the school year, to a tropical island! How cool is that?! We stayed in a 4 star hotel and I had a great view of the parking lot. Now I know what your thinking,”Why would you be happy with a view of a parking lot? You crazy?!”. Well, the cool thing was I couldn’t see the cars because of the canopy trees covering the whole thing! It looked like a cloud of leafy green you could just walk on. There were so many things to do! The pool was my favorite! It had a waterfall and a bridge you could jump off of into the water below. And they had this water slide called the ‘Volcanic Tube’ where you would slide down and twist all around into the pool below. I went snorkeling too! I saw a sea turtle and as soon as I saw it, my mask fogged up and water went gushing in, and once the turtle left, my mask went back to normal! Talk about creepy. Maybe that sea turtle just didn’t want me too see him. We went all the way around the island on a road called ‘The road to hana’. I got to see rainbow bark trees and crying rocks(that’s what I called them, their actually rocks on the side of a cliff face that were dripping with water leaking down from above). Over all my visit was amazing and even though I probably never go back(because of the rareness of it) I’ll always treasure the wonderful memories I had.

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