Seven Years War

This is a story. A story of 7 years of pain. Of loss. And of miracles. This is The Seven Years War. 

Now a lot happened in the 1750’s. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity(who knows what would happen if he didn’t) and the calendar changed from Gregorian to Britain. Now back to the war.

Now war was not officially declared until 1756, before that it was just petty squabbling. Right after war was declared the French captured the British island of Minorca. Though Prussia was newly allied with Britain, they struck out against Saxony and Austria. The combined power of Austria and Russia slowly beat the power of Prussia over the first 4 years of the Seven Years War. During this time, the French weren’t doing so well(just in case you were wondering). Britain had been strong in the beginning, but now was a crumpled mess, but 1759 was a year of miracles for the British and they soon had the upper hand. By 1760 Sweden, Spain and Portugal were involved. After being at each others throats, Sweden and Russia made peace. Britain was able to conquer many colonies and even some countries and was the overall winner. The French were the losers here, but that does not mean they are losers today.

I hope you enjoyed my little paragraph about the Seven Years War

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