History Of Africa

So today I will be talking about the history of Africa. This is my first essay on the 8th grade History course of the Ron Paul Curriculum, so please don’t get bored and leave.

For starters, did you know that the Nile River runs through Egypt, Nubia, Axum and Ethiopia(major civilizations back then)? Speaking of Egypt, it is the oldest civilization in Africa. During its history, Egypt was conquered by many civilizations but the only ones who could control them were the Persians and the Roman empire. Now lets get into why Ethiopia is amazing .What is unique about Ethiopia is that is the only African civilization that is still ruled by African people. Eventually other parts of the world came to colonize in Africa but Ethiopia still stands. Originally, because of the slaves, Europeans came to Africa. After slaves were banned, Europeans realized the wealth in Africa. Well I hope you enjoyed my little essay about Africa.

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