S.A.R. Clothing

So I just watched a lesson on S.A.R. Clothing and now I will explain what I have learned.

Lets say you are hiking up the side of Mt. Everest and you are almost to the top. Suddenly you stop. You feel cold. But this isn’t your average chilly I need some hot cocoa cold. This is frostbite! Dun Dun Dun! Today I will help you prepare, so that you won’t get frostbite. There are four layers you need if you are planning to climb Mt.     Everest(actually, this list is for any hike where the terrain is harsh. I’m just using Mt. Everest as an example). 

The first layer you will need is a base layer. The base layer needs to go right up against your skin, like under armor. The second layer you’ll need is the mid layer. The mid layer is basically your t-shirt, shorts and pants. The third layer is the insulating layer. The insulating layer should be a sweater or something that keeps you warm. The fourth and final layer is the outer shell layer. This layer should be your jacket, gloves and hat.

So if you want to go out and hike a mountain or go out in a harsh terrain, make sure you are prepared. Nature is wonderful but it can be deadly if you don’t have the right equipment.

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