Government and Military S.A.R Organizations

Today I will be talking about different S.A.R organizations.

The first one I will be talking about is part of the Government and Military Search And Rescue Organization.

                 The Federal Emergency Management Agency or F.E.M.A .’s Urban Search And Rescue

The Urban Search And Rescue people rescue victims trapped in confined spaces. They are known by helping in most natural  disasters, such as: Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Storms, Tornadoes and Floods. They also help out in the areas around technology accidents and terrorist activities.

Next, I will be reviewing a part of the Specialized S.A.R Organizations.

The M.R.A or Mountain Rescue Association

The Mountain Rescue Association was founded in 1959. It is a group of teams dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education.They do so by improving the safety of the mountain.The M.R.A has grown to be a great S.A.R resource to the United States.

For the final organization, I will be reviewing a part of the State of New Hampshire’ s S.A.R Outdoor Council.

The S.A.R Outdoor Council 

The Search And Rescue Outdoor Council of New Hampshire helps visitors ,to their back country, be safe. They remind you that if you are going on a hike, you need certain essentials like a map, compass, warm clothing, matches, first aid kit, whistle , rain gear, a flashlight , a pocket knife and extra food. You might want to bring supplies for staying over night. You should always hike with a buddy or a group and pack for the unexpected. You never know when you might need it. 

So those are three different S.A.R organizations that maybe you didn’t know about.

Also my feet and hands are ice cubes


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