Who even came up with that word? Well, obviously someone bored, but how can you be mentally bored.

I mean, your brain is constantly moving so when you think your bored, you just think.

And you think. And you think. Because when you think of one thing you’ll think of another and another and another. For example: You think about pie. Then you think about how good it tastes and the lovely smell. Then you might start thinking about how hungry you are. Then maybe you start to think of wonderful foods you could eat. Then you think of a certain memory, maybe about when you first had that food and then you think of where you were. Then all these memories of where you were start flooding back. And then you start to remember that cute boy or girl you saw. And so on.

So really you can never actually be mentally bored. Now physically bored, you can be, but then you just switch on the anti physically bored system in your head and start thinking. Of what? Well you’ll just have to find out. 

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