So this morning, I was doing math……….. I hate math.

But its not as bad as sitting in a stuffy classroom……..In public school.

Now in public school, they include many things to your inconvenience, for example:

That weird teacher voice, the one that makes you sleepy. That one air vent that is centered on you and you alone. That one teacher that is so creepy they make you want to question how they even got on this planet.

That other teacher that believes in conserving energy so much, there are penguins in the classroom. That teacher that won’t let you move a muscle until you finish your test or until they finish talking. And that one thing that makes every school complete, the bars on the window… no just kidding, the sanitary school smell. Ugh. I hate that smell.

Oh, and how could I forget! The librarian that if you breathe to loud you get banned from the library for a month.

So those are the things you will find in your brand new school! Enjoy. And thank goodness I’m home schooled!


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