So yesterday, I cleaned and saw ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ‘ .

Now, I have complaints, just like all the rest.

#1 (This is a complaint from the first movie) Where the heck is Mary-Jane?! I mean, its always Mary-Jane and Peter Parker! Now I’m not saying I don’t like Gwen but come on!

#2 On the subject of Gwen, Why Did She Die?! I mean now they can’t make another movie! Whats his weakness going to be? Besides Aunt May, but He’s not going to fall in love with Aunt May. Whats Peter going to do? “Hey, Whats up? I’m Spider-Man and your my new girlfriend! Oh wait, I forgot to mention, my other girlfriend died because of me! Have Fun!


Now I’m not saying  I didn’t like the movie, I honestly thought it was good. I’m not saying I loved it either.



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