Coke Friday

Every Friday I get a coke. But what does coke taste like?

I mean, when you first taste something you say “Wow this tastes good” Next time you taste something similar, you’d say ‘Oh that tastes like blah blah blah’ Well what does blah blah blah taste like?

person:”Oh it tastes like chicken!”

me: “Well what does chicken taste like?”

person:”You’ve never tasted chicken before?”

me: “Yes! I have tasted chicken before but what does it taste like?

person:”I dunno, Chicken?

me: “My point exactly.”

Coke. Coke. Coke. Coke tastes like………a fizzy, somethin’. 

In the following, I interviewed D about Coke and what they think it tastes like.

Me: So what do you think coke tastes like?

D: Coke taste like Coke and I’ve never tasted anything like it. If I were to describe it. It tastes like corn syrup with carbonated water. That’s all it it is , carbonated water and that syrup and that is how you make coke.

Me: Thank you for your time.

So!That is what Coke tastes like, in a sciencey way



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